5 Questions to Ask Your Dry Cleaner About Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

When purchasing your wedding dress, there are several questions that you need to ask of your local dry cleaner.  A wedding dress is something that you will cherish forever, and you want to make sure that you can keep it safe for years.  Before you preserve it, ask these five questions of your dry cleaner:

How will be the dress be evaluated?

When you take your wedding dress in for preservation, it will go through a detailed check-in process.  This ensures that all items are accounted for and placed in the same preservation box.  This should be the time when all beadwork or appliqués are noted and covered, so that there is no damage during the cleaning process.

If your bridal store or dry cleaner does not have concrete policies and procedures in place regarding check in, you could face headaches down the line.

How are stains removed?

Did you know that most of the stain removal is done before your dress is ever dry cleaned?  Dry cleaning a garment does remove stains, but 80% of a garment’s stains are removed during the ‘pre-spotting’ phase.  Ask if they have a pre-spotting process and what this process is. Make sure that the cleaner you choose has the ability to identify a stain and its origins, so that they do not have to make several attempts to remove it. The more attempts made, the more the fabric is broken down.

What is your dry cleaning process?

Once your dress has been pre-spotted it will be dry cleaned.  Ask your dry cleaner what their methods are.  Are they eco friendly?  Will your dress get a thorough but gentle cleaning?  Will the dress be cleaned by itself so other garments will not bleed onto it?

Will the dress be pressed, and how?

After the dry cleaning process your dress should be pressed to perfection.  Ask about their process.  If a dress is exposed to too much heat from a steam iron, damage can occur.  Because wedding dresses are so delicate, they usually require pressing cloths be placed between the hot iron and them.

What is your preservation process?

Finally, make sure to ask about their preservation process. Do they use specially manufactured boxes? Will there be a viewing window that will allow you to see your dress?  Can you add additional items to the box, and if so, is there an additional charge?


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