5 Reasons Professional Laundry Service Will Save Your Sanity


Life is stressful enough, why add to your daily workload by worrying about whether or not you and your loved ones have clean underwear and shirts in the morning? Between running to work, running to work out, running children from soccer, softball, dance and piano lessons–who has time for “extras” like taking the time to wash, dry and iron clothes? Professional laundry services are more prevalent and cost-effective than ever. Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should give professional laundry service a try. We bet you’ll be glad you did.

1. It’s friendly and confidential
Our professional staff have all taken a signed oath not to giggle if you have a hole in your pants. What’s better, we offer tailoring services so we could even fix the hole for you!

2. It’s fast and efficient
Your time is important. Simply drop off your garments and we’ll take care of washing, drying, folding and have them ready for you the next time you come in. Nothing could be easier. Our six convenient locations around Fort Worth means you’ll always be only a few minutes away from clean, fresh clothes.

3. It’s guaranteed
Each garment undergoes a thorough inspection both before and after cleaning to be sure that they are treated with tender loving care. And if the unthinkable happens? We are right here to do whatever is needed to make it right for you.

4. Safe care of your garments
Who better than a professional cleaning service to take care of your expensive work clothes? Or even just to be sure your cute new white workout top doesn’t end up with blue streaks from your tween’s new jeans?

5. Any quantity of garments is fine
No matter if you have just a few things to drop off before a big weekend or a trip, or if you’ve been gathering up clothes from your child’s floors all week–we’re happy to work with you to be sure you get all of your clothes back professionally cleaned, cared for and ready for you to jump into.

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