6 Reasons You Should Have Your Bedding Professionally Cleaned

Studies show that the average bed has more than 10 million dust mites and other deadly germs like salmanella thriving on them. How would you like sharing your bed with millions of microscopic bugs? Salmanella can be deadly. While dust mites themselves are harmless, their droppings can cause a slew of family health problems.

All the germs living inside your sheets and blankets will wear them out more quickly costing you more money in the long run. Having your bedding cleaned by a professional will help maximize your families health and save you money. How so? Here are 6 ways getting your bedding professionally cleaned at least twice a year will help your family stay healthy and save you money.


How Professionally Cleaned Bedding Keeps Your Family Healthy

  1. Less germs means less illness.
  2. Removes allergens more efficiently- A professional cleaner knows how to remove many of the harmful bacteria and allergens. They have access to tools for cleaning fabric that is not commercially available.
  3. Better sleep- When you go to bed in a clean, germ- free bed, you sleep better. Sleeping in unclean sheets is like going to bed in a pool of mud. You come out of more dirty than you were when you got in.

How Professionally Cleaned Bedding Saves You Money

  1. Bedding lasts longer- You wouldn’t continue eating off a table that you never clean, right? Of course not. Eventually your table would wear out from all the mess on top. Bedding works the same way. If you clean your bedding at least once a week, and have it professionally cleaned at least twice per year, all that dirt will not be working to weaken the threads of the fabric.
  2. Professional Experience- A professional will know exactly how to clean each type of fabric in the best way.
  3. Mattresses Last Longer- If your bedding is full of dirt, it will transfer that onto your mattress. As stated above, the more dirty your household items stay, the more often they will need to be replaced.

Have your bedding professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Your family will thank you!

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