8 Reasons Why Dry Cleaning is so Convenient

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Dry cleaning services are convenient for busy people. If you do not have time to do your own laundry, there are several reasons why you should take advantage of these services.


Dry cleaning professionals have the right expertise to clean all your fabrics and clothes proficiently. Why settle for mediocrity when you can have it done by the experts? You can entrust your clothes to experts and pick them up when they are fresh and clean.

Garment storage

If you end up forgetting your clothes at the dry cleaners, don’t worry about it. Most of them provide garment storage services for out-of-season clothes. They are stored in vaults which offer protection from mildew damage, fire and insects.


To keep insects and moth away from your clothes, you should ensure that they stay clean. Insects usually damage garments either directly or indirectly. The direct damage occurs when the insects feed directly on your clothes. However, indirect damage can happen when insects are feeding on perspiration and spilled foods on your clothes. Dry cleaners usually offer mothproofing which is a chemical treatment that provides protection from insects. This treatment does not leave behind any questionable odors like mothballs do.

Odor removal

There are dry cleaning establishments that specialize in removing odors and restoring clothes damaged by water or fire. They use ozone generators to perform ozone treatments. When the ozone generators come into contact with odor-filled clothes, oxidation occurs thus eliminating all traces of bad odor. This process is safe and effectual.

Stain removal

Dry cleaning services use complex procedures to remove stains. Stains are basically divided into water-soluble and solvent-soluble ones. Each stain is different and deserves to be treated differently. Some stains are hard to remove and should only be handled by stain removal experts.

Wet cleaning

This is a gentle method of cleaning sensitive textiles such as linen, rayon and wool. It gives dry cleaners alternative ways of handling items that can’t withstand the normal dry cleaning process. For example, garments such as wedding gowns usually have embellishments like plastic beads which dissolve or discolor when dry-cleaned. Wedding gowns are ideal candidates for wet cleaning. Clothes that have huge water-soluble stains are likely to be cleaned better with wet cleaning.

Prevents yellowing

Frequent stain removal guards against yellowing of clothes which oxidize when left untreated. Heat exposure and time passage usually makes stains caused by beverages and foods to oxidize and turn brown or yellow. Once the stains form, they are incredibly difficult to remove.


Before your garments are returned, dry cleaners usually inspect them to check whether your expectations have been met. If a problem is spotted during the inspection, the clothes are sent back for further attention. Safeguards such as this one ensure that your garments look as presentable as possible when you pick them up.

These reasons should convince you to get your clothes dry-cleaned. You need to take your clothes to the dry cleaners so that your time is freed up.


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