Great Tips on How to Remove Stains on Your Toddler’s Clothing

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Everyone knows that toddlers can be difficult. Not just because of the tantrums, but also because they get into everything. In just one play session, their clothes take a beating and are frequently stained. If you have a rambunctious toddler who loves to get dirty, here are a few tips on how to remove stains from clothes.

Cold Water Soak

If the stain is still fresh, don’t wait for it to dry to take action. Many times, simply soaking the clothing in a cold water bath is sufficient to remove a stain before it gets set in.

Club Soda

This is an age-old trick that has been used for years on wine stains, but it works for juice too. As long as the stain is still wet, the bubbles in the club soda will help pull the color from the fabric.

OxiClean Soak

For stains that are dried but not too stubborn, an OxiClean soak can do wonders. Simply mix as per the instructions on the container and add a little detergent. Allow clothing to soak for a few hours.

OxiClean Paste

When deciding how to remove stains from clothes, many people don’t realize that OxiClean can be made into a paste and applied to fabrics. Just mix a scoop or two with water until you get a paste and apply it to clothes with a toothbrush. A bit of gentle scrubbing will help remove even stubborn stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide

At under three dollars per bottle in most locations, hydrogen peroxide is a great non-toxic stain remover for whites. It works by bleaching the color of the stain out of the fabric. Because it bleaches, take care not to use this method on colored clothes.

Baking Soda and Dawn

For older stains in any color fabric, prepare a baking soda bath for clothes. Wet them a little, then scrub dawn dish soap on the stains with a toothbrush. Allow clothes to soak overnight. Repeat if necessary. Most stains will only need one round.

Professional Cleaning

If you’ve wondered how to remove stains from clothes that are delicate or made of specialty fabric, the answer is professional cleaning. Toddler tuxedos, dresses, and christening gowns require the knowledge of an experienced cleaner to avoid damage to the garments. Cowboy Cleaners have taken pride in treating delicate clothes since 1964.Contact us to ask what we can do to refresh your garments.

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