Removing Grass Stains From Your Kid’s Clothing

Cowboy Cleaners Fort WorthIt’s not clear which came first: kids or grass stains. But one thing is certain: When you have active children, expect grass stains.  Kids who play outdoor sports like football, baseball and soccer are bound to come home with green on their knees and butts. That’s what kids do. The question becomes: How does one do to remove grass stains from their clothing?

There are a number of possibilities to consider to remove grass stains. Some exerts recommend  that you pre=treat the grass stained area  with a stain remover that contains  enzymes. After a 20 minute or so  soaking,  wash the clothing with the hottest water the fabric will tolerate according to the guide on your washer or detergent box.. If it’s too hot the water can leave a stain. This is one of many ways to get out the green.

The secret is not to scrub  the solution in lightly not too vigorously or the fabric might begin to show signs of wear.

Here are a couple of  additional solutions that work well to remove grass stains:

  • Make a formula of  your dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide, then apply
  • mix up a small batch of Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda then apply to stain
  • Attack the grass stain as soon as possible. The longer you put it off, the more difficult it will be once the stain sets.
  • Pre treat the stain before machine washing
  • Before washing check if the stain is sti;; [resent
  • If so, redo he treatment before washing

If your little or fully grown darlings come home with grass stains on their dress up clothes, you should consider getting professional help to remove grass stains. You would certainly hate to ruin a  good pair or trousers or  fabrics that are not made to be washed. Play it safe and send your clothes, grass stains and all to Cowboy Cleaners.

Cowboy Cleaners has been providing people in and around Fort Worth with professional dry cleaning for over 50 years. We have experience with grass stains and every imaginable kind of stain.

Round ’em up and bring your clothing in to one of our six convenient locations in Riverside, Eastwood, Edgecliff/Crowley, River Oaks, Stockyards and our  Central Plant. You will like our friendly prices and the complete range of cleaning services we offer.


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