Wedding Dress Preservation – Why the Dry-Cleaning Method is Best

Fort Worth Wedding Dress Preservation

The dry cleaning method is the best way to preserve your wedding dress because your dry cleaner really is a specialist in all things related to cleaning your gown and keeping it in the best shape possible for years, and generations, to come.

Proper Care

When you choose to dry clean your gown, you are opting for the method that uses the utmost care when handling your precious gown.

With a dry cleaner, your gown will be delicately handled and carefully inspected before it is ever cleaned.  A specialist will look your gown over to check for stains, tears, and any type of embellishments that need special attention in the cleaning process, so as not to rip or tear.  If there are any stains, pre-treatment will be done at this time, by hand.

Dry cleaning comes next, and then preservation.

Remember that in order to prepare your gown for preservation, it should be cleaned by a professional first. Typically, your gown should be cleaned within three weeks of your wedding  in order to remove stains, or they could set in.  The longer you wait, the harder it is to get stubborn stains out.  In fact, if you do not get your dress cleaned, over time, some stains will caramelize and turn brown.  Dirt can actually weaken the fibers in the dress over time, too, meaning that the next time it is taken out and tried out, it may tear.  And, if left unclean, if there are food particles, the dress could attract insects.

A proper dry cleaning, as well as acid free packaging and proper preservation practices will help limit deterioration and assist you in maintaining a long future for your gown.  See your local dry cleaner today and ask about their wedding dress preservation packages.

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