What Causes Sweat Stains on Your Clothing and How You Remove Them

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Do you suffer from embarrassing sweat stains?

We all fear them, those embarrassing sweat stains on our clothing that can mark us as having less than perfect hygiene. Although most people would never admit it, but the appearance of poor hygiene can be socially costly. Just as costly is the appearance of stains on your clothes. In reality those stains could actually be old set- in stains that you have tried to get out and failed . So what causes them, and more important how to remove stains from clothes before you have to replace the garment.

The cause of sweat stains:

Stains occur due to Urea excreted by the bodies natural detoxifying process. Urea is toxic, and most famous in Urine, hence why urine is yellowish in color. It is a very important part of our bodies natural detoxifying process and in essence each individual body is unique in how much and how yellow their urea appears. Although important, the marks on blouses, shirts, and dresses makes one want to find away to at least minimize the effect, and also find a way to eliminate the stain from the garment.

Deodorants and stains:

Most deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum salts which when react with sweat make the stains appear even more yellow. If you wash the garment in regular detergent agents most will not break down the salts and you will be left with a crusty yellowish greenish in color stain, washing the garment appears to only make the stain worst.

How to remove stains from clothes?

  1. Pre-soak the fabric in warm water and vinegar
  2.  Wash in the hottest water the fabric can tolerate
  3.  If the stain persists, dampen fabric and sprinkle some meat tenderizer onto the stain, then proceed to wash
  4. If the above steps fail, it may be time to retire the garment.

Ways to avoid sweat stains:

Although each body reacts differently, it is very important to steer clear of antiperspirants and deodorants which contain aluminum salts, since they do more harm then good.

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