Why Silk Should Always be Dry Cleaned

How can something so strong be so delicate?


It’s important to remember that silk is a natural compound. The product of silkworms, this fiber has been used for over 5,000 years! It’s extremely soft and comfortable, and can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And while it’s very strong and wears well if handled properly, it should be dry cleaned to prevent damaging this amazing gift from nature.

How strong is silk? A filiment of silk is actually stronger than the same diameter filiment of steel! However, silk can lose up to 20% of this strength when wet. It also exhibits poor elasticity. This means that traditional washing can stretch or ruin your fine silk clothing. Once the material is stretched, it’s virtually impossible to “unstretch” it. Dry Cleaning is the safest and most reliable way to care for your silk garments and avoid mishapen, stretched clothing. Conversly, silk fabric that was made with a loose or more open mesh will also “shrink” if hand or machine washed as the fabric tightens. Avoid these problems by simply bringing your silks to our experienced Dry Cleaners!

Did you know it takes 3,000 silkworms to produce one kilo of silk material? This is after they’ve eaten over 100 kilos of mulberry leaves! The process of cleaning and spinning these fibers into the shimmering, rich materials you see in the world’s finest boutiques is labor intensive. With so much effort being used to produce this fine, delicate fabric, it’s no wonder silk clothing is expensive. Proper care of your silk clothing through Dry Cleaning is the best way to protect your investment.

Almost everyone owns something made out of silk in their wardrobe. Why? Because it’s extremely comfortible, fashionable and versitile. Wear your silk! Enjoy it! And when it’s time, let us professionally care for it!

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